Mink & Snowflakes

Walking along Southboro Rd at 7AM, I heard some splashing in the water where a road culvert connects the northern and southern swamp. I thought it might be a mallard taking advantage of the only open water. I walked up quietly to determine what it was and was surprised to find that it was a mink swimming downstream. I saw its deep rich brown/black sleek body swim effortlessly downstream and disappear into the cat tails. After a few seconds, I decided to squeak through pursed lips. I was quietly excited to see the mink respond by sticking just its head between the cattails and look directly at me. After only a few seconds, it disappeared without a sound.

Later, I came upon some snowflakes, seemingly floating in mid-air in a vertical line. After further study, I realized that these small snowflakes (maybe 5-10) got caught on a spider web or caterpillar silken thread. I wondered about what made the thread, and when. In the past, Cathy has pointed out small spiders walking atop the snow in the winter. So, there are spiders about at this time of year.

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