Walking along CCC Way, I noticed a lone eastern bluebird perched ten feet up in the branches of a small dead tree over the vernal pool near the parking lot. I had heard one earlier calling a soft whistled “tru-ly”. I then noticed that there were at least four. I suspect maybe two pairs, but couldn’t tell because of their movements. I noted that one dropped down to a small trickle of open water drinking. It was 9degF this morning, so it had to be water breaking out from the ground. Others appeared to be feeding on the fruits of either Burning Bush (euonomis spp) or Multi-flora rose, both non-native invasives. I watched as they stretched to get the fruits, or with some effort, flutter in place to get a small hanging fruit. I caught a glimpse of one of the males – a beautiful blue, with contrasting white and brown. They flew off quietly into the thicker woods.

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