Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)

Our close relationship with DCR help us to keep trails clear, identify problems with the trail system that require attention, repair bridges throughout the park and maintain the CCC headquarter buildings.  They are always willing and able to hear our suggestions and respond to our requests.  We work with them throughout the year on various special projects.

Bay State Trail Riders Association (BSTRA)

BSTRA helps advocate for trail systems throughout Massachusetts and works with FUSF on trail maintenance in USF.  They are always willing to work with us and contribute significant dollars to maintenance projects such as repairing bridges and resurfacing trails.  In addition, they share the profits they make on some of their organized rides with FUSF.

Blackstone Valley Technical School (BVTS)

BVTS generously provides labor for various projects at USF.  Recently, they painted the newly installed siding on the CCC building.  In addition, they will be working on the CCC renovations that are currently underway.

Boy Scouts

Local Boy Scout troops help us with bridge building and trail clearing.  Some of these projects help the scouts earn their Eagle Scout rank.

New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA)

As users of USF, NEMBA advocates for the trail system in our park.  Like BSTRA, they also contribute dollars to fund special projects.

Student Conservation Association (SCA)

Student members of the SCA have assisted us with special projects in the forest such as building and fixing bridges.  This organization provides opportunities to create the next generation of conservation leaders, an important partnership to protect the future of forests such as USF.


Much of the work at USF would not be possible without the help of many volunteers.  From trail clearing to sprucing up the CCC headquarters on earth day, we welcome their assistance.  These volunteers are members of FUSF, Upton residents, high school students and families.  A big THANK-YOU to all those who help us throughout the year.