Buildings of Camp SP25

BuildingAdministration Building and Officer’s Quarters of Camp SP25. This picture was taken in the 1940’s when the camp was being occupied as Camp Stover by the Massachusetts State Guard. Later this building would serve as the Administration Building of the Field Headquarters for the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Wildlife and as an office for state foresters. (Courtesy of Upton Historical Society)



Bill Johnson Photo

Current day photo of the Administration Building with the central parade ground in the foreground. In 2005 Upton Historical Commission successfully nominated the CCC Camp site and buildings for the Preservation Mass “2005 List of Ten Most Endangered Historic Resources in Massachusetts”.


Infirmary of Camp SP25.
Later used as Brigadier General Erickson’s headquarters during the Camp Stover period. The cottage has also served as a residence during the Fish & Wildlife period and later for state foresters and other state employees.
(Courtesy of Upton Historical Society)





BuildingThis building was probably the Post Exchange or recreation hall during the CCC period. This photo was taken during the State Guard occupation as Camp Stover. Fish and Wildlife used this building as the Fisheries Office and space for the maintenance department. Later it was used as a barn for the horses of the Mounted Patrol for the Department of Environmental Management.
(Courtesy of Upton Historical Society)


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