Camp Stover

After Company 2105 CCC was moved from Upton to begin work at Salisbury Beach the Commissioner of Conservation wrote to the National Park Service requesting that the camp buildings be turned over to his department. The intention at that time was to disassemble the buildings and reuse the lumber elsewhere. The Park Service replied that they had given temporary custody to the Youth Progress Administration to use the camp.

During the early 1940’s the former CCC Camp was used by the Massachusetts State Guards as a training camp for officers. It was named for Col Willis W. Stover who passed in 1941.

According to Dennis A Connole in his book, “The 26th Yankee Division on Coast Patrol Duty”, units of the 26th Yankee Division bivouacked here on August 19, 1941. This was an overnight stop on the trip from Camp Edwards on the Cape to Fort Devens.

Training at Camp Stover – 1940’s

Camp Barracks

Recreation Hall