About Friends of Upton State Forest

Recognizing the importance of Upton State Forest to the quality of life in Central Massachusetts our group was formed in 2005. The mission statement of the Friends is “To preserve, enhance and protect thenatural and historic resources of Upton State Forest”. We are a private non-profit corporation registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Our agenda is divided between the natural and historic resources of the forest.

We work to fosterunderstanding and respect among the diverse user groups that enjoy the trails. The Friends group provides a forum for individuals with different interests to work together for the benefit of a resource we all appreciate. To achieve our goals we have reached out to other organizations that represent these interests. Our Trails Committee sponsors at least one work party in the spring and another for National Public Lands Day in September.

The Historic Resources Committee, working in partnership with the Miscoe Hill Middle School Technology Class, produced two brochures about the Civilian Conservation Corps at Upton State Forest. You can download the brochures from our Historic Resources page.

Education is an important component of our work. Members of our group work with the Upton Historical Society, third grade local history teachers and Interpretive Staff of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) in a partnership to bring students to the park and to learn about the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps. One of our members has done extensive research on the history of the lands that are encompassed by the park and has written several articles for the local newspaper. Our membership meetings are open to the public and usually include a speaker about a topic relative to the forest.

Our membership includes CCC alumni and we are working in partnership with the DCR Civilian Conservation Corps Committee toward preservation of the remaining nationally important buildings of Camp SP25, CCC located at Upton State Forest. The Friends partnered with the Upton Historical Commission to successfully nominate these buildings for the Preservation Mass ” 2005 List of Ten Most Endangered Historic Resources in Massachusetts.”

We are vigilant about land protection issues and are working with members of Metacomet Land Trust and others to protect the integrity of Upton State Forest. In addition we are cooperating with members of the Upton Open Space Committee and others to protect the natural resources of the forest which is part of the Miscoe, Warren, Whitehall Watershed Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC).

We reach out to local and state officials and our legislators for support. We are grateful that they all recognize the importance of Upton State Forest to the quality of life in an area experiencing a large population growth.

We may be contacted by mail at PO Box 258, Upton, MA 01568-0258 or by email at friends@friendsofuptonstateforest.org. Questions about the newsletter should be sent to news@friendsofuptonstateforest.org.

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Membership in Friends of Upton State Forest is open to anyone interested in preserving the natural and historic resources of Upton State Forest. Presently we have over 140 members from five states.

We do not use outside vendors for fundraising. Any donations should be made directly to Friends of Upton State Forest, PO Box 258, Upton, MA 01568-0258.