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Resource Management Plan Meeting. Flyer

Tuesday, April 24 at the Upton VFW (6:30 pm)

DCR is beginning the process of developing Resource Management Plans (RMP) for the Blackstone Complex. Upton State Forest is one of the parks in that Complex and will have its own RMP within that document. This is an extremely critical document because it guides, management, planning, and budget for the future. It also identifies natural and historic resources to be protected by designating zones according to their sensitivity. In addition it looks to the recreation aspects, facility and infrastructure needs, enforcement issues, and just about anything you can think of that will guide park staff in managing Upton State Forest. 

What we are asking is that, if you can, you attend this meeting to share your vision and thoughts about Upton State Forest. We are especially interested in having people there who have lists to share about the resources. Our Resource inventory Team did a great job identifying and documenting historic resources. Although we have not yet formalized the information available about our natural resources, wildlife, birds, plants, and other information we know that various people have that knowledge. If you cannot attend the meeting you can send the information directly to DCR by April 27 or you can send it to us and we will share it with them.

In addition, DCR is interesting in hearing your thoughts about what the park means to you and what is important to you whether you are an abuttor, a person who uses the park, or someone who worked or lived at the CCC Camp. They are looking for pictures too so if you have vintage photos or pictures of resources or of yourself enjoying the park that you would like to share send them along!

This is an opportunity we have been waiting for years to come so we want to be sure to have as much input as we can. Feel free to share it with anyone you know who might be 
interested or have information to share. 

Thanks to all for their support of Friends of Upton State Forest and our park.


The Spring, 2018 newsletter is now available here.


Parternship Projects Fundraiser

Friends of Upton State Forest (FUSF) have partnered with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for six partnership projects funded through their Partnership Matching Funds program. All of our projects have been eligible for a two to one match, leveraging our funds. In anticipation of future partnership opportunities, FUSF is asking for your help. We need to replenish the funds we use toward these projects. Any donation that you can make toward this effort is greatly appreciated. Click here for more information and thank you for your past and future support. Donation form



Chris Scott was recently named Volunteer of the Year by the Massachusetts Forest and Park Friends Network. Congratulations Chris and thanks for all you do for FUSF!


National CCC Newsletter

FUSF made the news! We were asked by the CCC Legacy Journal Editor if they could reprint an article from our quarterly newsletter. The Journal is a national publication sent to CCC alum, their families, authors, and others interested in the CCC. 

If anyone is interested in meeting folks from throughout the country connected with the CCC organization they are holding their annual meeting in Connecticut this year. You can go for all or part of the conference. They are a very active group working to preserve the CCC Legacy throughout the US, and they welcome new members. 

National Registry of Historic Places

Friends of Upton State Forest are excited and proud to report that official notice has been received by the Town of Upton and the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) that the Upton State Forest Civilian Conservation Corps Resources Historic District has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places effective October 8, 2014. This is the culmination of several years of work and advocacy. We want to thank the Town of Upton, members of the DCR Staff who assisted with field work and expertise, and Shary Berg the consultant who wrote the nomination. Most of all we want to thank our members for their support of our efforts. 

More information about the National Register can be found at this link.  

Click here for a larger version of the certificate.


203 Pnd Street Project

Click here to learn about efforts to preserve this critical link between Upton State Forest and Whitehall State Park.

Pictures from the May Thorson Peppercorn Hill Hike are posted here.


Tom's Journal

New on the FUSF website: Natural history observations throughout the year by Upton resdident and naturalist Tom Dodd.


Upton CC Camp Recommended for Inclusion in National Registry of Historic Places

See Telegram and Gazette article for more information.



On December 9,the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) announced that the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been detected and confirmed to be in North Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. On August 31, 2012, EAB was detected in Berkshire County in the Town of Dalton. Since the insect does not travel far on its own, moving firewood or ash trees across the state is likely the cause of the new infestation. To date, 22 states across the country have confirmed detections of EAB.

Residents are urged to take the time to learn the signs of EAB damage and be sure to report any sightings.

DCR and APHIS will be scheduling listening sessions in Essex County in January to provide the community with information relative to the finding and address questions. Click here to report suspicious tree damage or insect sightings, or to learn more about this pest. You can also call the toll free EAB hotline at 1-866-322-4512. Read more here.



Stingless wasps are a natural enemy of the EAB. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is working with the Forest Service and Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to raise and harvest these stingless wasps for monitored releases in selected EAB infested locations. Specifically, they are using three parasitoid species of wasps from China called Spathius agrili, Tetrastichus planipennisi and Oobius agrili.

The wasps target EAB eggs and larvae and use them as hosts to support their own species. The wasps' offspring consume the EAB egg and larvae as they grow and develop. This year, wasps were released in 17 states: Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Additional parasitoid releases are expected in EAB-infested States when appropriate climate/release conditions are met. Read more here.


Changes to the Land: Four Scenarios for the Future of the Massachusetts Landscape

A study by Harvard University’s Harvard Forest and the Smithsonian Institution reveals that, if left unchecked, recent trends in the loss of forests to development will undermine significant land conservation gains in Massachusetts, jeopardize water quality, and limit the natural landscape’s ability to protect against climate change.

Read more about the study here.


2012 FUSF Annual Report

It was another good year for Friends of Upton State Forest in our efforts
to preserve, enhance and protect the natural and historic resources of Upton
State Forest in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation.
We look forward to continuing our valuable partnership with the DCR, and
others and appreciate all that our members have done.

Click here to view the 2012 Annual Report.


FUSF co-foudner Ellen Arnold was awarded the National Association of State Park Directors' 2012 President's Award at a Worcester conference in November. Congratulations Ellen!! Story


Whitney Conservation Area Fundraiser

The Whitney Conservation Area fundraiser has been a success! Nealy $16,000 has been raised by the Metacomet Land Trust, including a $200 donation from the FUSF. The funds will be used to construct a fence along the Sweetwiliam Farm Pasture and a parking area. Most of the fencing has been installed and the parking lot will be constructed in August.


A bedrock geology map of the Grafton "Quad" is now available from the USGS. The map covers parts of Upton State Forest.


The CCC Records Preservation Project has reached its fundraising goal. Thank you for your support!


Purchase Friends of Upton State Forest clothing and other merchandise from our store!


New Biomass Map of the United States

Scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center have produced a high resolution map showing how the aboveground biomass of vegetation varies across the United States.


Asian Longhorned Beetle

The regulated Asian Longhorned Beetle area in Greater Worcester has been expanded to include a portion of Auburn, due to recent finds in the southern tip of Worcester, for a total of 98 square miles. Click here for the latest information.


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"My Great-Grandfather's Footlocker" 

Jeanne O'Brien offers her new book, My Great-Grandfather’s Footlocker,
to help FUSF!

About My Great-Grandfather’s Footlocker: Explore with Sarah as she uncovers Gramps' experience of serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps. Gain insight into the difficulty of living through the “Great Depression”. Could this depression thing’ happen again? Learn how the CCC helped get America back on track as Sarah does research for her local history project. Target audience: 8-12 year olds and their parents.

Cost: $7.95 + $1.78 S&H – total $9.75
$2.00 of every purchase will be donated to FUSF. 

Obtain copies by contacting the author at: Payment may be in the form of money order or through PayPal. When ordering, please let Jeanne know that you are a Friend of Upton State Forest.


Form to Track Volunteer Hours

Please keep a record of the time you generously donate to FUSF using this form. Many grant applications are now asking for this information. Thank you for all your efforts!



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